Lose That Extra Weight For Good

If you are looking for an Advanced Weight Loss System then give our nutritionists in Staten Island a call today to see how we can help you. Each of our programs is designed with specific goals, tailored to your individual wants and needs. Our PRIME Program offers education, support and close monitoring.  This program is designed for clients that have struggled with weight for many years.

If you have tried many approaches over the years that had you lose weight just to gain it all back again—then this program is for you! This is not another weight loss program offering little support and instruction. Net Intake™ is a professionally run program, which provides personalized care, guidance, convenience and our leading edge technology designed to improve your learning and accountability.

When you register for our PRIME Program we create an individualized care program, set you up with experienced dietitians and behaviorists, and offer you everything you need to make lifestyle changes that will stick! It’s easy to talk about what changes and behavior modifications you need to make, but our staff at Net Intake helps you every step of the way so that you these changes stick.  It’s never easy to change old, established behaviors. So our team will help you learn behavior modification techniques that can allow for flexibility and success. Often very small adjustments lead to big results, so sign up with our tory/”>nutritionists in NY today so you can start your permanent weight loss journey!



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