5 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

At NetIntake, we focus on providing solutions that actually work for your life and your weight management goals. As we approach the holiday season, we want to empower you to know that you don’t have to leave every party miserable about overeating. Instead, follow these 5 simple tips for dealing with the consumption-heavy holidays:

1. Eat anything, but watch portions.

Plan to eat one plate of food. No seconds! And try to make sure the plate is half colorful vegetables. Then while everyone else is in a lethargic food coma, you’ll still have plenty of energy. If you want to indulge in a dessert, try a fruit-based pie like apple or pumpkin. And better yet–offer to bring a dessert so there’s at least one healthful, no-sugar-added option available.

2. Stick to a meal schedule.

Don’t skimp on breakfast saving for a big lunch. Eat a regular breakfast and a regular lunch before the big Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re starved, you’ll overeat. Treat it like any other regularly-scheduled meal.

3. Think about healthy substitutions.

White meat rather than dark. Chicken broth rather than butter in the mashed potatoes. Whole wheat pie crusts. Salads rather than sugar-laden spreads. You’re accustomed to eating healthy alternatives, and Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be any different. If you won’t be dining with folks that share your same concern, bring sidedishes and share your healthy alternatives.

4. Water and exercise matter, even on holidays.

Drink plenty of water before, during, and after the big meal and take a brisk walk after supper. You’ll feel much less lethargic and you’ll be less prone to overeat.

5. Don’t snack.

One of the biggest challenges of a family holiday meal is that there’s food out all day long. Appetizers, the big meal, second helpings, and dessert is more than anybody needs. Once you’ve had your plate and any extras you planned for, be done. You won’t starve and you’ll be able to eat again tomorrow!

Net Intake is your New York weight loss system designed with your lifestyle in mind. We’re happy to provide support to help you get through the food-centric holiday season!

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