• Net Intake Prime
    • Designed for clients that have struggled with weight for years

    • A Comprehensive program for nutrition and lifestyle management

    • Education, support and close monitoring

    • If you are 30 or more pounds overweight, this is your program

  • Net Intake Bariatric
    • Designed for the Bariatric Surgery Patient

    • A program of lifestyle management, nutrition and close monitoring

    • A complement or adjunct service to your surgeon's care

    • If you've had or plan to have bariatric surgery, this is your program

  • Net Intake Precision
    • Designed for “Fine Tuning”

    • A program to help you realize your potential and maximize performance

    • Your overall health is good, but you want to lose a few pounds

    • If you are determined to look and feel your best, this is your program

  • Net Intake Workforce
    • Designed for Employers and their Employees

    • A cost effective program created to decrease obesity in the workplace

    • This program is constructed to help lower health insurance premiums

    • If you want your employees to be healthier, this is your new corporate program