Net Intake™ WORKFORCE is a cost-effective solution for managing obesity in the workplace. If you are an employer who wants to improve the health of your employees and increase employee accountability, this is your new corporate program. Our experienced nutritionists in NJ work with you and your staff to produce the best results.

The obesity epidemic in the United States is presently a major concern. Increases in healthcare costs for employers appear to be proportionate to increases in employee BMI’s. And worse yet, Grade II and III obesity seem to be the fastest growing subsets of obesity. The tremendous cost to treat obesity and related diseases clearly impacts the employer’s bottom line.

Designed for employees and their dependents with BMI’s greater than 25, Net Intake™ WORKFORCE is an all-inclusive BIOMETRIC weight management program. It’s not another weight watching, wellness program or support group. Net Intake™ WORKFORCE is a cost effective comprehensive program of nutrition education, behavior modification, remote biometric monitoring and structured guidance designed to improve employee accountability and health, as well as, reduce and prevent further pervasiveness of obesity.


  • Individualized Care Programs
  • Experienced Dietitians and Behaviorists
  • Fact based Nutrition Education Plus Unique Calorie Management System
  • Structured Lifestyle and Behavior Modification Curriculum
  • Face to Face Meetings and Virtual Care Options
  • Private and Group Education
  • Incentive Programs Available
  • Body Composition Analysis and Metabolic Rates Measured
  • Net Intake™ App for Everyday Use
  • Net Intake™Connectivity for at HOME Weight Monitoring
  • Net Intake™Connectivity for at HOME Monitoring of Biometrics (Blood Pressure/Blood Sugar)
  • Data Transfer to Employer and/or Physician Upon Request

Length of Program:

Minimum of One Year Recommended

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