Meg Galligan

Meg Galligan is an experienced Nutritionist from New York City. Meg brings more than two decades of clinical and health administration experience to Net Intake™. She completed advanced studies in human nutrition and received a Master of Science Degree from New York University subsequent to her achievement of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition at Douglass College, Rutgers University. Completion of a hospital based clinical dietetic experience motivated Meg to join a large medical endocrine team, specializing in diabetes and metabolism. There she was instrumental in the development and success of a medically supervised weight loss program designed for the management of co-morbidities.

Meg’s clinical experiences and specialty in overweight and metabolic disease led to collaborative consulting and educational projects with regional HMO’s and their subsidiaries. On the editorial side, Meg provided nutrition counsel to Family Circle Magazine, focusing on weight loss and wellness management. Meg also worked as a Television Correspondent for a New York City based Financial News Network reporting ‘live’ exclusive health care market information, equities research, and targeted commentary via webcast and cable television.

Immediately prior to the founding of Net Intake™, Meg Galligan served as Regional Director at Allergan Inc., where she managed the Northeast LapBand® Team. Meg’s most valuable corporate healthcare experience occurred while working under the guidance of management at Johnson and Johnson’s Ethicon Biosurgical Division. The Johnson and Johnson experience built upon Meg’s existing integrity, commitment to excellence in patient care and strong work ethics. Prior to Johnson and Johnson, Meg operated as Sales and Marketing Divisional Manager in Sports Medicine for HealthSouth Corporation and contributed to the development of twenty three outpatient rehabilitative centers.

Recognizing that nearly 70% of Americans are overweight or obese, it became apparent to Meg there was a need for nutritionists in NY as well as a structured and specialized weight loss program. The development of Net Intake™ has been a full time commitment since early 2010. Due to the guidance of a great friend at the University of Pennsylvania, Meg Galligan’s program offers state of the art home monitoring systems that provide excellent biometric data, precise reporting and real time updates.
Meg Galligan and the Net Intake™ program hope to be instrumental in improving the overall health of the community.