Christmas Nutrition Tips

At Net Intake, we’re hoping you see the benefit of a year working through your Net Intake Advance Weight Loss System. We’re proud of the progress you’ve made! We know you’re feeling better and wowing your friends and family. The task ahead for the holidays is to maintain your forward momentum and avoid backtracking.

How can you avoid the sugary, calorie-laden feasts of the season? It’s easy when you take a proactive approach.

Rather than showing to a holiday party at the mercy of your hosts’ nutritional expertise, be sure to bring something with you that meets your dietary needs based on what you’ve learned through your New York weight loss system. If you need to be sure that you’re eating mostly vegetables, then be sure to bring a veggie dish with you. If you’re attempting a paleo approach to your meal plan, be sure to whip up a tasty paleo dessert so you’re not tempted by over-processed ones.

The key to a focused nutritional plan is to be participatory and proactive. If you don’t work ahead to ensure you’ve got good food choices available, you’re guaranteed to have some setbacks. So put together some of your favorite dishes and consider yourself a nutrition advocate at your next holiday feast!



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