Diets DON’T Work, Net Intake Does

Our nutritionists in Staten Island want to help you shed the weight you have been trying to lose and keep it off without dieting! You may be wondering, “is that possible?” Yes it’s possible and completely effective because our team at Net Intake works with you to make long lasting lifestyle changes, so you can maintain your weight without ever having to diet again.

There is always a trendy diet that some celebrity or TV personality is trying, but why bother? Diets just don’t work.” They are a form of external control that further disconnects a person from their appetite and they lose the ability to know when they are hungry or full. This can lead to under-eating or over-eating, both of which aren’t good for your metabolism. Changes in your metabolism can lead to later weight gain. Dieting can also lead to binge eating if you are depriving yourself of the nutrients your body needs,” Rebecca Cooper, the author of Diets Don’t Work, explains.

At Net Intake, we work with you to learn behavior modification techniques that can allow for flexibility and success. Often very small adjustments lead to big results. Contact Net Intake to increase your chances of achieving and maintaining your goals and acquire practical decision making skills to better manage your challenges. If you are looking for an Advanced Weight Loss Solution then contact our tory/”>nutritionists in NY today to learn more about our individualized programs.


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