Net Intake PRIME

If you are 30 or more pounds overweight, this is the program for you. It is a comprehensive program for lifestyle management where you will be able to work with experienced nutritionists in NY. Net Intake™ PRIME offers education, support and close monitoring. This program is designed for clients that have struggled with weight for many years.

This is not another weight program offering little support and instruction. Net Intake™ is a professionally run program, which provides personalized care, guidance, convenience and our leading edge technology designed to improve your learning and accountability. If you’re looking for the complete package and hope to never diet again, try Net Intake™ PRIME.


  • Individualized Care Programs
  • Experienced Dietitians and Behaviorists
  • Nutrition Education and Unique Calorie Management System
  • Lifestyle and Behavior Modification: Skills to Control Triggers
  • Face to Face Meetings and Virtual Care Options
  • Private and Group Education Available
  • Body Composition Analysis and Metabolic Rates Measured
  • Net Intake™ App for Everyday Use
  • Net Intake™Connectivity for at HOME Weight Monitoring
  • Net Intake™Connectivity for at HOME Monitoring of Biometrics (Blood Pressure/Sugar): OPTIONAL
  • Data Transfer to Your Physician Upon Request

Length Of Program:

  • Dependent on your Needs and Goals
  • 1 Year Recommended
  • Request a Free Consult with a Net Intake™ professional

Initial Consultation Net Intake™ Prime

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