Our Net Intake™ PRECISION Program Helps You Lose Those Last Few Pounds

If you are in good health and work out regularly, you probably feel that working with a Nutritionist in Staten Island wouldn’t benefit you much. However, Net Intake™ DOES have a program for you! We are here to help you decrease body fat and improve athletic performance.

If you don’t really need to lose a lot of weight, but rather are simply looking to shed a few pounds of fat weight, then our PRECISION Program is just what you are looking for. Lose Fat not Muscle. Net Intake™ is here to educate and motivate you to tone up and lose those last few pounds that you struggle to shake off.

We offer individualized programs and meetings with experienced sports nutritionists and behaviorists. So if you are wondering why you have been working out every day and your body isn’t changing, we can you solve that problem. At Net Intake™, we also provide body composition analysis and measure metabolic rates. Knowing your percentage of body fat can help you determine the best strategy to reach your weight loss and performance goals.

At Net Intake™ we tailor our programs to your specific needs and your schedule. You can get the results you want while maintaining your busy schedule. The experts at Net Intake™ have designed this program to help you realize your potential and maximize your performance.

When you hit that weight loss plateau and can’t seem to lose anymore, then contact us about the Net Intake™ PRECISION Program.

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