Surgery is a BIG decision and Net Intake™ BARIATRIC can provide the many layers of care you need before and after surgery. We are an additional service to your physician, not a substitute. Once your surgery is completed, it’s your responsibility to make lifestyle changes. This process can be easy and enjoyable with the help of our experienced nutritionists in NY.

If you’ve had or plan to have Bariatric Surgery, seriously consider this program. Bariatric surgery alone may not control your problem. We offer a program of behavior modification, nutrition management, close monitoring and support that complements your surgeon’s care. Take advantage of every opportunity. Join Net Intake™ today and achieve your best results!


  • Individualized Care
  • Pre and Post Operative Programs
  • Experienced Dietitians and Behaviorists
  • Nutrition Education and Unique Calorie Management System
  • Lifestyle and Behavior Modification: Skills to Control Triggers
  • Face to Face Meetings and Virtual Care Options
  • Private and Group Education Available
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Net Intake™ App for Everyday Use Improves Accountability
  • Net Intake™Connectivity for at HOME Weight Monitoring
  • Net Intake™Connectivity for at HOME Monitoring of Biometrics (Blood Pressure/Sugar): OPTIONAL
  • Data Transfer to your Surgeon and Primary Care Physician Upon Request

Length Of Program:

One Year Strongly Recommended. Three Years Advised

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