Our Story

Recognizing that nearly 70% of Americans are overweight or obese, it became apparent there was a need for a nutritionists in NY along with a more structured and specialized weight loss program. The founder of Net Intake™, bringing more than 20 years of experience working with overweight individuals in private, group and hospital settings, designed a comprehensive program of nutrition and behavior modification, with flexibility to meet the needs of many.

All Net Intake™ programs are customized and include advanced nutrition education, sound lifestyle and behavior modification techniques. Our proprietary technology, an option and added convenience, utilizes biometric monitoring for enhanced learning and improved accountability. The Net Intake™ educators and nutritionists in NY, with academic training and professional qualifications, offer instruction and continued support to our clients throughout their programs. Our overall goal is for you to decrease your weight, improve your health, and prevent any weight regain. In addition, providing traditional and exceptional customer service is of paramount importance.

We are very proud to offer you our care, support and services. Net Intake™ looks forward to assisting you in achieving your healthy goals. We hope to meet you very soon!


Net Intake:
….is a comprehensive weight loss program
….is customized to meet our client’s needs
….utilizes knowledgeable professionals for counseling
….believes behavior modification is important for long term success
….provides a unique and user friendly calorie counting system
….offers private and group education
….merges weight loss with leading edge technology
….is convenient and flexible
….is personal, professional and supportive

We Have A Program For Every Need

Overweight Individuals:
– Decrease weight, improve weight related health problems and prevent weight regain.

Individuals who have had or plan to have Bariatric Surgery:
– Strengthen your foundation of knowledge and create a more confident and manageable lifestyle.

Individuals with less than 30 pounds to lose:
– Avoid further weight gain and prevent weight related diseases.

Individuals in good health and Athletes:
– Decrease your body fat and improve athletic performance

– Improve the health of your employees and subsequently decrease your healthcare costs